Ultimate All Fours Mobile's Features and Installation Guide

Ultimate All Fours Mobile is a single player game for J2ME compatible mobile phones.


For queries concerning Ultimate All Fours Mobile, contact Akash Harriram at ua4so.x@gmail.com

Features include:

- The ability to send signs to your computer partner in order to tell him what to play or to ask him what he has in his hand.

- Several different AI options allowing for greatly varied gameplay.

- Varied animations and sound effects.

- The full official rules of All Fours.

- An easy-to-use interface requiring a minimum amount of button-presses (almost a thumb game!)

Minimum requirements:

- A Java J2ME (MIDP 2.0) compatible mobile phone of screen size 128x128 pixels or larger. 
Java J2ME  is a standard feature on almost all o
f the phones to enter the market since 2005. Model phones on which Ultimate All Fours Mobile will work on include:

Sony-Ericsson 128x160 :: Sony-Ericsson F500i, K310, K500i, K508i, K510, T610, T630, W300, Z500, Z520a, Z520i, Z530, Z600

Sony-Ericsson 128x128 :: Sony-Ericsson J200, J210, J230, J300a, J300i, K300

Nokia phones that have a minimum screen size of 128x128 and support J2ME.

Motorolla phones that have a minimum screen size of 128x128 and support J2ME.

The game comes in two versions:

- one for high-end phones that have support for Mobile 3D Graphics (M3G).
- one for most other phones that support J2ME applications.

Instructions for installing:

- Download the version that is suitable for your mobile phone to your PC.
- Use a USB data-cable, an InfraRed Port, or Bluetooth to transfer the AllFours.jar file to your phone. (You can save it to the 'other' folder on your phone).
- Navigate to where you saved the file on your phone, select AllFours.jar and press 'install'.
- Follow the instructions on your phone and when asked where to save the file, choose the 'games' folder.

Alternatively, if you have access to the Mobile Web (your phone supports HTML browsing and your Network Provider allows access to the internet), you can download the game directly to your phone by navigating to www.allfoursonline.com. One there, look for the download link and download the game to your phone.

Instructions for sending the game:

- If your phone has Bluetooth, you can send the file AllFours.jar (saved in the 'other' folder on your phone) to another phone that has Bluetooth. Just open the 'other' folder, select AllFours.jar and choose 'send via Bluetooth'.

- If your phone has an InfraRed Port, you can send the file AllFours.jar (saved in the 'other' folder on your phone) to another phone that has an InfraRed Port. Just open the 'other' folder, select AllFours.jar and choose 'send via InfraRed'.

Instructions to install and play the All Fours Computer Game Version 1.0

Instructions to install: Installable on PCs with Windows. Minimum computing power required. Copy the exe file and the included pictures on the CD to your computer and double click exe file to start the game.

Make sure the name of the program is allfours.exe

Instructions to play:

Playing: In order to play, just click a card in you hand when a box is displayed above your hand. If two players are playing, they must alternate playing cards and will be notified of their turn to play by the box which moves around the game board. Begging: In order to beg (if to the right of the dealer), click the beg button in the top right hand corner of the game background. All Twos: This game mode follows the same rules as All Fours but only features one human player versus one computer player. Display: The last trick played can be seen in the display menu. 

Background Image: The game background can be changed in the display menu and users can put there own 640x480 size image into the game background. To format your pictures to be 640x480, use an image editor such as adobe photoshop. Users also have the ability to play on a standard green background. If the game window is resized when there is a picture on the game background, 'black' will fit the part of the screen that is not covered with a picture background.


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