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Complete list of features to be featured in the version 1.0 of the All Fours Computer game:
  • Advance artificial intelligence for computer play.
  • Different Play modes: All Fours and All Twos.
  • Animation of Hang Jack included.
  • Loadable game backgrounds: Load preset pictures or your own pictures.
  • Different offline play modes: 2 human versus 2 computers, 1 human with 3 computers, 1 human versus 1 computer
  • Easy interface: Click to play cards.
  • Most popular All Fours rules in effect. See Rules link to see rules implemented for version 1.0
  • Detailed summary of each round. Statistics provided for each hand played.
  • Installable on all PCs, requires minimum computing power.
  • All Fours rules and instructions to play included in the program.
Complete list of features to be featured in the future version of the All Fours Computer game:
  • Ability to form teams online.
  • Unlimited online play between friends. We are currently working with GATT (Gamers Association of Trinidad and Tobago), to develop a server in which Trinidadians may play against their friends online.
  • Instant messaging support and support for ‘signs’ to be sent within teams.
  • Ability to send 'signs' to computer partner.
  • Rule variation options in the game.
  • More and improved animations.


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