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Game Developers: Alexander Paddington and Hasani Holder

"What was the most difficult part of working on the all fours project":
Definitely gaining sponsorship for the game. Many companies have never explored the idea of advertising using computer programs, but Carib brewery was able to help sponsor the release of this technological update of an important feature of Trinidadian culture.

"What is your favorite part of playing all fours":
I enjoy the liming aspect of all fours the most. It is a very social game and is a great way to spend the evening with friends. In the game, I have to say coming back from 8-0 to win a game shows how unpredictable the game is and that victory is never certain.

"What feature are you most proud of within the game”:
I am proud of the AI that I developed. It may not be as good as the best All Fours players, but it definitely challenges you in games. I am also excited for the online programming where players will be able to chat during games and I think this will be extremely effective and fun. I look forward to seeing this game launched online in the future.

Special Thanks to:

  • Carib Brewery: Sponsorship of the release of the All Fours Computer Game version 1.0. More information under "Our Sponsor" link.
    Special thanks to Andre James, Govind Boodoosingh, Vishal Maharaj, Anjanee Hobson and Nichole Stroude for their ongoing support in the release of the All Fours Computer game.
  • Guy Guyadeen for his contribution to the All Fours Computer Game.
  • Gamers Association of Trinidad and Tobago- For support in website development, game testing and general support for the release of the game. Special thanks to Nigel Bellamy. Please visit:

The Gamers Association of Trinidad & Tobago was formed by a group of avid gamers with the purpose of glorifying electronic entertainment on the twin island of Trinidad & Tobago and by extension the Caribbean. GATT prides itself in leading the Digital Entertainment Culture in the region and has worked at establishing several Gaming Locations (GLs). These provide facilities for the gaming public to participate in electronic sport and other related activities.

Special thanks to all of the All Fours enthusiasts who have sent emails and filled out online surveys to express their interest in the release of the All Fours Computer Game.

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